Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Joy of Giving

Bangalore Cares had Organised Sneha Santhey

Sneha Sante, a charity bazaar cum cultural event, was held on 27th-28th Sept. '09 at the National College Jayanagar premises. More than 30 NGOs hosted stalls to publicise and spread awareness of the good work they do, as well as staged performances to showcase in-house talent.

There were two fund-raiser shows as well - 'Nannavala Kagada' by WeMove Foundation for the Performing Arts and Fusion Music presented by the Xprescions band.

Bangalore cares effort was generously supported by America Online (AOL) primary sponsor for both Sneha Sante as well as the NGO Directory (soon to be released). ImagineIndia had completely provided event support, and enterprises Fab India, Aabhushan, TanishQ and Little Italy, had sponsored and participated.

CitizenMatters, a local Web and print citizens' paper, was present on both days to organise a painting contest for children and collect comments from visitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the 2 days of Sneha Santhe was an out of the world experience to all the audience. Bangalore cares had brought out in real " Tarey's Zameen Par". It was an eye opener to any normal human to have witnessed the talent exhibited by the CHALLENGED.

DAY I 27th Sep 09
Nritya Kusuma Manjiri', a colourful bouquet of dance forms from across India presented by schoolgirls of Ashwini Charitable Trust

This trust had picked 70 children from 110 slum families the train them to be employable and employ to lead a better life. Isn't it Commendable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Sapta Swara' - a musical presentation by children from Spastic Society

This was a treat to experience the perfect orchestra with mental mathematics performed by the Differently challenged. They demonstrated how a challenged like them can sync and perform to a musical output which is a therapy even!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our salutations to the teacher who cultured them!!!!!!!!

Musical show by the popular IDL Blind Band

Unfortunately I do not have the pictures.

Did You know IDL blind band has given International performances.

Their synchronisation is only by sound, they only know their positions on stage. Yet they orchestrate songs in many Indian languages.

The singers can only blend their timing with the musicians no visual signals to correct !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet they do not errr!!!!!!!! Isnt it Amazing

'Nannavala Kagada' (My Wife's Letter) presented by
WeMove Foundation for Performing Arts & Imagine India Foundation

This can be just described as a laughing riot on stage.

Day 2 28th Sep 09
Bollywood dance, by special children from the Association for the Mentally Challenged

'Dance Therapy!' by Victory Arts Foundation

Shyamak Dawars team made differently abled to dance to Jai Ho and some good A R Rehman numbers

Dance presentation
by Shree Ramana Maharshi Blind Academy

This is another out of the world experience.

The participants walked once on the stage measure the LXB in steps Thats it they perfectly presented 8 best dances including bharatnatyam.

They are visually challenged but exhibited a different class of synchronisation, team work, Integration Beyond compare.

Its a lesson to many of us who fail to colloborate, synchronise inspite of all the abilities

Yakshagana, by children from Amara Sathvika Social & Education Trust

Now its left your imagination if you would have missed something.

Sneha Santheya Nishkama Karmigalu

Its time to salute the team Snheha Santhey!!!

If this is soul stirring !!!! how can we give back some thing to the society and help those who are privileged to serve the underprivileged



  1. wonderful initiative and execution - kudos to Bangalore cares and all the participating organisations !

  2. Very good initiative by Snheha Santhey Group.
    Keep it up.

  3. Noble approach to reach out to the mass after all its should be a public to public participation a co-operative effort